Sunday, 4 November 2012

6 Months in the Mission Field

I really am enjoying having a fall season. Today was the first day that I actually put on a winter coat and winter boots. We saw a few snow flakes yesterday at about 10:00 at night, but the kind that melted as soon as they landed on the ground. There is still green grass outside and ther flowers are just now showing signs of dying due to cold weather. In Edmonton, especially when I was younger, I remember the fall season lasting all of about 3 weeks, and then winter. It is no wonder I never really liked fall, it was just a short anouncement that winter was coming.

P-day at the office.
We weathered "Frankenstorm" rather well. We only had weather advisory for severe wind. Any of you who may have been watching the news may have heard there was one casualty in Toronto, a woman was hit by a sign which blew off a large pole, she did not survive. That was the day that many of our missionaries were driving in the wee hours of the morning because it was transfer day. There were a vew precarious driving conditions, but every one was fine and transfer day went just fine.
Elder Stark and myself have had a few new and interresting duties added to our list.  We had to go and do some things for apartments, because now we have no housing co-ordinator.  We are at the point where we are considering to ask Mission President if we can just live at the office, for all the time we spend in the apartment assigned to us, it really does seem like a waste. The picture is supposed to be a P-day but we were still doing office duties.  At least we eat well! I have never before had an entire lobster.  They were on sale- and really inexpensive!  I can never get that in Edmonton, so that day we ate lobster in the office.