Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Canada Toronto Mission Office

The Mission Office

Elder Stark is in charge of 80 vehicles, give or take-as he is also responsible for selling off the older ones, and at times the numbers can vary. The job is actually more demanding than it would seem.  The cars are tracked according to drivers, drivers ability, mileage, maintenance schedules etc.  As well as reconciliatin of each cars expenses eand month. The paperwork is ...well it definitely keeps him very busy.    He must also certify any missionary who is allowed to drive a mission vehicle, and that involves initial certification and ongoing monitoring and training.

When Sister Stark started she had to reorganize the entire storage area.  As time went along of course you can imagine that things can get a little out of order, so I thought it would make my job easier in the long run just to reorginize everything.  It was work, but it left me with the time to do other things.
Sister Stark is the Mission Nurse, that has involved a lot of extra work as the Mission had changed policies just as I was arriving, and I was assisting help the transition, as well as being involved in attemtpting to implement solutions.  Sister Stark also ensures that the mail gets to the missionaries, ensures that their supplies don't run out!  I take supply orders from the missionaries and order the supplies.  I also do the history books, and the monthly Newsletter,and referrals.
  Although we have been busy, we have been able to assist in some teaching and Elder Stark was able to Baptize an invesitgator for the first time as a missionary.  We have been both excited to be able to share our faith.  As we were new to our missionary work in the mission office we found it took a lot of time to get everything done. We hope to be able to do more teaching as often as time allows.  In the local ward where we attend we have duties and responsibilities there also.  Sister Stark has been blessed and challenged with playing piano during the Relief Society meeting.  Visiting teaching and Home teaching and being part of correlation Ward Council along with assisting with any other acts of service such as assisting in the prepararion of Baptismal servies etc.  In August we had Baptismal Serviecs three Sundays in a row.  These are of course all a pleasure to be a part of.  We love you all and hope that gives you all a bit of an idea why we may not have been contacting you all as much as we would love to.  We have been and are very busy.

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