Sunday, 13 January 2013

Going Home

     Today is Sunday, we left Brampton Saturday morning.  It all went so fast. I even still had things I wanted to finish at the mission office. We first went to the early morning temple session and then went to the mission office one last tiime. Of course Sister Caldwell had my favorite piano music on- (it's her favorite too). The temple the evening before we left was the most beautiful I have ever seen it. There was mist in the air which helped make it so beautiful. Misty etherial white against a black sky.  we then had the priviledge of having our breakfast in Brampton -at Flips- with Brother Sethi.  (Flips is where the AP's used to always go for breakfast.) We promised Brother Sethi we would be back in August to be with him in going into the Temple.  It will have been a year since he was baptized and he is really looking forward to that day. We were able to See Elders Walter and Strasbourg at the Sault St. Marie branch for Sunday morning sacrament meeting. they were both speaking.  We will be in Elder Strasbourg's ward after we get settled into our new place.  We learned much, and had much experience.  We loved the Sisters and Elders and will miss them very much.  We have so far been blessed by clear roads, which is a miracle, since there was a blizzard on either side of the country, and South as well.  Many blessings during the mission and still.  I hope to add more pictures to this site, as I really did not put as many as I would have liked to over the past 8 months.  See you soon everyone in Albera, Love Sister and Elder Stark