Friday, 24 August 2012

Unusal Buildings

The Toronto area has unusual buildings, what I mean is different from in Edmonton.  There are all kinds of shapes and sizes- and it is not the usual to see a square building. all kinds of circular, semi circular and just multi -curved.  Here are only a few.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dancing in the Streets at Woodstock

Yes it seems funny that Elder Stark and I were actually dancing in the streets at Woodstock.  It was another working P-day, we were trabelling in the province and had vehicles to fix and vehicle paperwork to deliver. The sister missionaries and elder Stark and myslef were trying to find a place to eat lunch, the entire downtown was blocked off, there were outdoor vendors, and music.  One of the sister missionaries video taped this,  just to hear her contagious laugh will make your day!  Have a great day!  Love Sister and Elder Stark.

I apologize, the video clip never did downlaod properly, I attempted twice.  I guess all of our friends will just have to visit us when we return to see it!