Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Last Fall Walk In Brampton

Here are some pictures of the lake around our apartment in Brampton.  In the one picture you can see the apartment from the road and over the lake, it is the second one in the background.  We went for a walk, and I do believe we found the home of the wookchuck.  Here is Elder Stark and myself walking across a pier, it is more needed in the spring than the fall, but it was fun to go for our last fall walk.    This pier is across the small lake which is behind our apartment.    My mom asked me what the name of the lake was and I did not know that the lake was large enough to have a name, we finally found out what the name of that lake was,  Esker Lake. The above middle picture is the view of the lake from the road.  The pier would be off to the right, across from the lake from the apartment.

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