Saturday, 16 June 2012

Aahhh, but starting at the begining, the  picture below is a picture of the day Garry and I received our call to go on a mission.  We were so excited! There was no way we could in short notice get our entire family all together at one time, so we decided to open the letter on the Temple grounds in Edmonton. We texted everyone so they would all get the message at the same time, I called Joy because she did not have text at that time.   I took that photo you see, as there was no one around other than us.  What a surprize.  I felt SURE that I was going right to the center of Africa, I wondered " We were willing to go anywhere in the world, and the place we were needed most is Totonto???"  Elder Stark had his reservations and concerns as well, he actually would have preferred the middle of Africa, he doesn't like very large urban centers, ESPecially that one.  Well as the Lord would have it we would go there and serve with all the diligence and devotion as if it were in the very center of Africa, I guess Torontarians have needs too. The burned out garage occurred just after we sold our home, I really am thankful we were able to sell the home when we did, or we may have had trouble. This was across the alley from us. It affected three lots.