Monday, 18 June 2012

The Canada Toronto Mission

 We are having lunch with the AP's. the recipie is Sharleys Favorite Recipie

When we arrived at the Canada Toronto Mission I was quite worn out.  all of the excitement and driving left me sick -quite literally.  I had some sort of stomach flu, was in pain most of the day before we arrived and up half the night in the small room.  Well, when we pulled up that fateful Monday morning, I said to elder Stark, I don't want to go in.  His responce?  It's kind of hard to serve a mission that way.  Luckily the Mission President and his wife, the AP's (Assistance to the President) and the office staff we of course very welcoming and understanging of my fatigue, after lunch at the Mission Home Elder Stark and I went to our beautiful "new" home in the country. This picture was taken on another day, lunch at the office.

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