Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The First home in the Brampton Area

The First Home in Brampton Area
...was out in the country, the fabulous and unbelivable beautiful country.  We had wild turkeys, deer, a racoon, a porcupine living nearby, and rolling hills and landscape that was so unbelievable.  The only downside was the 40 to 50 minute commute.  It was much shorter in non-rush hour traffic.  The reason we lived in this home temporarily was because the apartment in which we were to live was still being lived in by the couple we were going to replace.  There was a three week overlap, so Elder Stark and I could be trained.
The door on the back right leads to.that stove and fridge, there were more beds beyond that...
Get a look, yes it is a WILD TURKEY, they'd come out often and "gobble"

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